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"I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies" is a must-have book for each child's personal library as it will be read often with a loved one. Each page begins with the line, "I love you better than…" and the item is listed and described with an adjective that shows how or why that item is loved as well, but not as much. My favorite pages and descriptions are "I love you better than the fireplace and hot cocoa on a very cold day, and they are very comfy!" and "I love you better than pizza, and pizza is very cheesy!"

Sharing this book with a young child is a great way to reassure him or her of one's love and also a cute way to really say how much he or she is loved. Visually this book is excellent! Not only are the illustrations bright and fun as they are so colorful, and filled with details, but they capture the character's emotions and show the love that is felt and the fun that they are having just by being together. Also, the words of the book jump out to the reader as the item that one's love is being compared to is bolded and in a different color as is the adjective describing the item. I love this technique as it emphasizes just how much the child is loved and it is fun for the child to pick out and also helps with word recognition. I have already read this book through several times and I continue to love the words and the illustrations and each time I notice a new detail that I love!-
Reviewed by Kristie I. for Readers Favorite

Very cute book with a lesson. The story could be the beginning of a game to play with your children and grandchildren. Looking forward to reading this with my granddaughter.

This was such a cute book. :o) I read it with my daughter and she loved it. She had a big smile at the end too. I woke up this morning and told my daughter, "I love you better than chocolate chip cookies." It is such a sweet book, great job!

I loved the concept of this book from the first time I heard of it (maybe because I am a cookie fiend!), but when I finally got the chance to read it for myself I fell even more in love. This is a great book for little ones, the illustrations are absolutely adorable and the text will have you laughing and smiling the whole way through. Very cute book with a very sweet message at its core! I would personally recommend this book for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. It is a book you will definitely want to cuddle with and read together!

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